Become A Successful Leader

Just like the saying: “You’ve got to clean up your own backyard before trying to clean up your neighbour’s”, to become a successful leader, it’s vital to first take an ‘inside out’ approach. By mastering your emotions, mind, presence, and relationships, you can grow to become an authentic and influential leader, and realise the transformative results you dream of.

When we think about our personal and work lives, we’ve traditionally assumed that they should be disconnected somehow. While with our friends and family, we can let our hair down, relax, be ourselves, and openly connect with those around us. But we put on different masks when we leave that space. We pretend, or tap into, a different side of our personality. We play the role of boss, manager, employee, captain or player. We construct presentations of ourselves when working, meeting with a potential client or colleague for the first time, networking, or pitching.

At Leadology, we believe that there’s a better way to interact with those around you. Through redefining leadership, you can be empowered to become an incredible leader who is driven by your own values, and encourages others to transform their lives too.

But first we ask, when you imagine a strong leader who comes to your mind? Whether it’s someone who lead social change, their country, a successful company, or sports team – from Gandhi to Mandela, Branson, or McCaw – they all have key things in common. One is that they all connected with the people they lead.

Connecting with those you wish to lead is half the battle for you too. And to do that, you’ve got to figure out how to let go of the burdensome masks you carry from one situation to the next. By mastering your own mind, living by your values, and bringing the real you to the fore, you become transparent, authentic, and present. This will free you up to focus on building interpersonal relationships, follow your instincts, and become the leader your team needs. You won’t have to manipulate anyone, or bend them to your will, people will trust you to make the important decisions. They will follow you because they believe in you, and want to be on your side. Not only that, but you’ll be consistent during times of vulnerability and hardship – when a clear leader is required.

Founder of Leadology, Amit Dhull, first combined his unique experiences and skills to take ‘inside out leadology’ to a new level – to help you become a successful leader and achieve the outcomes you envisage. And while generating economic prosperity is one key result that drives us forward in business, at the end of the day, we believe being a leader is not only about making more money. It’s about achieving the goals that will deeply satisfy you, and bring meaning to what you are spending your time and effort doing each day – enriching all aspects of your life, and inspiring others to do the same.

Leadology’s Four Pillars of Every Successful Leader

Master Your Emotions

● Achieve inner tranquility
● Become transparent and authentic in all situations
● Inside out leadership means you’ll better manage yourself, and then your team
● Discover and double-down on your strengths
● Choose measured responses, rather than hasty reactions for the benefit of everyone, and the task at hand

Master Your Presence

● Live mindfully, and in the moment
● Don’t let past experiences dictate your future – live in the present to create the future you want
● Have a positive and attractive energy, and the confidence to be a strong leader
● Enjoy better professional and personal relationships, and be valued rather than feared when working in teams

Master Your Mind

● Know yourself, and what’s important for you and your purpose – avoid being swayed by external influences
● Let go of the energy and tension that being burdened by your masks carries – focus on your relationships and goals instead
● Feel comfortable being vulnerable during challenging situations, rather than threatened, to make good decisions
● Achieve objectivity – see all people’s sides in tricky circumstances

Master Your Connection

● Become a great listener to those you lead, and connect with them
● Have people take notice when you enter a room, or speak your mind
● Be a leader who is trusted during challenging times
● Make people naturally want to follow you, because they believe that you are on their side
● Inspire others, and have a positive impact on everything you are involved in

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